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Time and Attendance Programs

One of the most basic needs for many small businesses is tracking how long employees work. Simple time clocks can get the job done, but they don't offer much in the way of insight into your business and they're relatively easy for employees to fool.

Modern time and attendance systems provide a couple of key benefits: by computerizing your employee time tracking, they make it possible to integrate with payroll and HR systems and do detailed reports on work patterns to get a better understanding of your business.

By requiring a card, code, or even biometric ID like a fingerprint, they also make it much harder for employees to clock in and out for each other or fool the system in other ways. And they don't have to break the bank: many small businesses can see good benefits from a relatively basic time and attendance system.

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  • Currently have timeclocks that don't even add up the time for the week for each employee. At minimum, need adding. Would be nice to have a direct link to excel or to our payroll system (ProPay). Might consider handscan technology. Cost is a factor, since we have 9-10 locations that need a reader. - Human Resources Retail - Shawnee Mission KS
  • The time in and out function must be able to be turned off. What we need is a system that simply records the number of hours worked by each employee each day and can generate a bi-weekly report on employee/date/total hours worked. It must also be such that no one else can clock in for the employee. - Engineer/Programmer Government - Hayward CA
  • Hours actually worked history is very important, whether exempt or non-exempt.Data will be furnished to payroll service for input.Accrual of and tracking vacation time, holiday, sick, personal time must be integrated.It is important that the employees not be able to clock in and out for each other. - Consultant Health Care - Birmingham AL
  • We own a daycare center and wish to be able to track both employee and children time/attendance by location - real-time through the web. The intent would be to monitor ratios, ensure accurate staffing, build schedules based on historical time/attendance data, and have a flexible reporting package. - CEO/President/Owner Education - Ottawa OH
  • looking for an economical easy to use card swipe system that generates a simple worked hours. also need capability to manually put in for hours paid not worked, i.e. vacation, holiday, etc.current system is ms-dos based and support has been lacking while weekly malfunctions have been occurring. - Accountant/Controller Manufacturing - Newburyport MA
  • We would like to use a Metrologic barcode scanner to punch-in/punch-out on a lap top computer running Windows 2000. The scanner has a mouse/keyboard type of connector that plugs into the laptop. We already have the scanner. Software should be capable of sending reports to printer on internet. - Webmaster Education - Ames IA
  • I am looking for time sheets (with colored copies). This is a senior care homebased business. Employees asssist client at client's home. The time sheet should consist of time-in and out (Mon.-Sun.)Client' info, dates, service agents signature, mileage, cancellation info.,and agreement info. - Consultant Health Care - Detroit MI
  • *integrates w/Quicken and Quick Payroll*in/out board*calculate accrual of PDO and decumulate PDO*track unexcused/excused/PDO*track location*track overtime*enter in advance: start/stop times, scheduled PDO*reports*security*PDO info seeable by employee*displays when close to working overtime - Human Resources Health Care - Morgantown WV
  • I need to see/print the overlapping of all scheduled time out of the office by all ee's. I need to be able to have multiple accrual rates for vacation, etc, or to override the vacation allowed by ee - ie #1 has 4 wks available, but #2 has 3 wks available, and the hire date is irrelevant. - Human Resources - Other Insurance - St. Peters MO
  • We are looking at getting a finger print time clock system to sign in and sign out about 30 employees daily. We would like the system to at a minimum keep track of the time the employees signed in and signed out. What would the total price be if we were to get this system through you? - MIS/Operations - MGR Other Business Services - Cuyahoga Falls OH
  • Must integrate/interface with Quickbooks Enterprise accounting system. We currently use their timer (QuickPro) but are not happy with it. We do not "punch" or "swipe" cards - our professionals input their time each week...many are billable codes then used to invoice clients for time. - CFO Consulting - Columbia MD
  • I picture a system where the timeclock software and/or database can live on our servers and can be accesses from any computer in the domain. The data file could then be manipulated by a payroll administrator and transmitted over the internet to Paychex (our provider) in their format. - MIS/Operations - VP Other Retail - Sacramento CA
  • I am seeking a simple system, no need to be compatible with any programs (ie: quickbooks, etc)but must track accrual time and wish list included holiday editor of some type. Our company is standard, 9-5 no ot, no strange employee setups. Prefer biometric fingerprint to reduce abuse. - General Manager Banking/Finance - Jericho NY
  • I operate two remote liquor stores with 4-5 associates in each store. Currently not using any time clock mechanism and looking for a simple software program that we can use on our PC and xfer the info via the internet. Would not want to spend very much money on a simple system. - Partner/Principal Other Retail - Niceville FL
  • We are looking to modernize and update our time and attendance systems not only to better track time and overtime, but also to reduce paperwork and costs. We must be able to meet current labor law requirements, while working in a complex and multinenous scheduling environment - Purchasing Manager Education - Baton Rouge LA
  • We need to implement a time clock for approximately 13 hourly employees. Current system is honor system - write it down and turn it in.All but two janitorial employees have ready access to PC's (but not necessarily internet).All PC's are W2000/XP and Servers in are W2000. - Accountant/Controller Banking/Finance - Williamsburg IA
  • We are looking for something that will allow us to view a report for a specific group of people as well as for an individual. We also want the flexability of different date ranges also we would like restrictions on access for specific people at specific times/dates/ect. - Human Resources - Other Banking/Finance - Farmington MI
  • Our employees are located all over the United States. We also have about 10 employees located in our corporate office. We would like some type of system our employees could log into and use from anywhere in the US. We also want to print timesheets as well as track time. - Human Resources - MGR Computers/Internet/IT - Shawnee Mission KS
  • I would like to be able to punch through a swipe card and have the employee enter a department or punch on a computer screen. I need punch rounding with schedules, vacation, sick, etc... must be easy to use. Need to be able to upload to Quickbooks to proccess payroll. - General Manager Other Retail - Bellevue WA
  • We are looking to change our Payroll vendor to Paychex. We are currently use Millenium Software and have been renting the card swipe machines that apparently transmit the information via phone lines. Ideally we would like to utilize the phone lines we have in place. - Buyer Other Business Services - Richmond VA
  • We are an after hour animal emergency clinic. Employee hours and overtime differ from standard employment practices. Need a system that is secure as possible yet easy to operate. Need a system that prints individual reports for time accounting. Flexability is a must. - CFO Health Care - Victorville CA
  • Hardware must stand up to climate and environmental challenges; report generation is key. System would be used for specific, limited tracking of labor hours on construction/maintenance projects. Clear, concise mtce agreement; customer service must be user friendly. - Administrative Assistant Energy/Utilities - Kansas City MO
  • I need something that is user friendly. Software system we have is time consuming on the computer to pull up info and to fix it.Also a second location where my executive housekeeper can view/print employee's info to make sure they clocked out duiring lunch and etc - General Manager Hospitality/Leisure - Snyder TX
  • Need our employees to be able to use the time card swipe system to keep track of amount of time spent in each job function. They would punch in & out for the beginning and end of each job which would be tracked a 5 digit customer number and 10 digit "job" number. - MIS/Operations - MGR Transportation/Shipping - Cicero IL
  • Please price with the ability to Export to Peachtree Acctg as well as without this feature...perhaps a summary printout would suffice to manually be input for payroll calulation. I'm thinking about the swipe card option but pricing will impact the decision. - Accountant/Controller Other Retail - Mandeville LA
  • Basically looking for a system to keep track of time. Would like employees to be able to check in and out throughout the day, making this information available to everyone in the office, so that any given time, one would know whether someone was in or out. - Accountant/Controller Other Business Services - Toledo OH
  • We run multiple group homes across multiple cities. Each city may have a total of 7 - 24 group homes. We are looking at options to automate the timesheet function. But with numerous locations are looking for a technologically advanced economical product. - Consultant Other Business Services - Cedar City UT
  • We are looking for a system that integrates either a pin or card, in addition to the finger/hand print. One that will email when employees are late or work unscheduled shifts, allow us to modify shift times and maybe even allows remote supervisor auditing. - Designer Other Retail - Columbus OH
  • - Employees accrue a different amount each calendar year depending on the number of years they have. - We have teachers that are on a different system.- Different types of leave benefits offere, i.e., bereavement leave, medical appointment leave; etc. - - Human Resources - Other Non-Profit Organization - Suitland MD
  • Prefer Oracle-based system (not proprietary). Need to track through process -- employee submits, supervisor approves, payroll validates. We need to produce a specific output for our payroll pre-processing. We need to be able to customize the software. - MIS/Operations - Other Telecommunications - Englewood CO
  • We currently have one punch card time clock, but we are looking into implementing a flexible schedule (9/80) for the employees who elect to do so. Our current time clock will not accomodate tracking for the regular schedule and the new flexible schedule. - Administrative Assistant Health Care - Ontario CA
  • We may be interested in the card swipe system or ID code system. And we'd like to have a simple station for employees to clock in without using a computer. We'd like to export reports to MS Excel and alter the informatin there. Please advice. Thanks, Rie - Human Resources Manufacturing - American Canyon CA
  • we need employees to record their time in and out on a daily basis from remote locations (PC's) to the central office eliminating the chance for forgery. A system that will record the time that the information is sent as proof of entrance and departure. - CEO/President/Owner Health Care - Atlanta GA
  • I just want to keep up with time for my employees. Currently they are on the honor system with a log book, but sometimes I make notes and that system is simply not working well enough for me to feel confident that they are putting the correct time in. - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Tallahassee FL
  • Ideally, we would like an automated system that is flexible across many locations, since our field personnel perform work across several projects (sometimes in the same day). However, data retrieval would be best if obtainable from one office location. - General Manager Other Business Services - Riviera Beach FL
  • Teaching situatuion. teachers come and go during the day. There are catagories for time such as Gym, swim, daycamp, preschool, office, dance, driving, events, maintenance, meets, team, privates, and store.. Payroll is divided up by these catagories - CEO/President/Owner Education - Boise ID
  • Remote locations need to report to one data collection site, to record, time in, time-out, per day. Be able to produce time logged in & out report form. Can they read state issued licenses? (preferred method vs issuing swipe card to each.) Thank You. - Purchasing Manager Education - Wallkill NY
  • Looking for sign-in software that employees and agents can enter a designated number on a keypad and will show them as being physically in the office. Display should list all employees with some designation for those who are physically in the office. - MIS/IT Real Estate - Temple PA
  • Our operation is pretty simple. We require a system where our employees are accountable for entering a time of arrival to work and a time of departure.We run a construction crew of about 3.We do not require any sophisticated equipment at this time. - CFO Other Retail - Auburn CA
  • Needs to calculate total hours and covert from minutes to 100ths.Needs to allow for minimum of 3 checkin/outs per day. (e.g., morning in/ lunch out, lunch in/eve out, and one random midday in and out.)Prefer ability to use 2-40 hour weeks per card. - CEO/President/Owner Health Care - Longview TX
  • Simply need a system that can track both Hourly and Salary employees' pay and vacation and sick leave. Would like them to be able to clock in\out from their workstation. It would also be useful if the information can be exported into QuickBooks Pro. - Editor/Writer/Producer Publishing/Info Services - Oklahoma City OK
  • I have 2 separate locations where time cards are punched, collected bi-monthly with an off site pr office using QuickBooks Premier 2005. I am interested in updating the system to eliminate manual calculations and whatever else to be more efficient. - Other Restaurant - South Lake Tahoe CA
  • We currently have a web-based system where you can punch in and out. Our main problem is that our IT department has to constantly add and punches to account for our high availability. Constant correction is unacceptable by our company standards. - Purchasing Manager Energy/Utilities - Gainesville FL
  • I am a consultant looking for a time keeping solution for a client. They have 400 employees at the first location, opening 7/29/05. Intend to open a second location in 8 to 12 months. Currenty have TimeClockPlus, but find scheduling difficult. - Consultant Hospitality/Leisure - Pinedale AZ
  • Simply put we are simpifying the demands for our T&A to the function of punch in/punch out to support our payroll system interface. Previously we tracked all labor transactions but are converting to an ERP System where Backflushing is utilized. - MIS/Operations - Other Manufacturing - Des Plaines IL
  • We are looking to have a system were individuals could be monitored regardless of which entrance they use. If they come into the office the system would recognize them and let the front desk or select personnel know that they are in the office. - Consultant Legal - Great Neck NY
  • We are a horse training barn - would like a system for employees to punch in and out. All we need is just a very simple system to track time but also a system that make each person accountable - someone can't punch in or out for another person. - Accountant/Controller Other Business Services - Shelbyville TN
  • All I want is a computer based system that allows individuals to log in when they arrive and turn on their computer and log out for lunch and the end of the day. Simple and efficient program compatable with a network environment and windows xp - CFO Other Wholesale - Camarillo CA
  • We need a time collection system that can collect data by work order (not by job). Empoloyees work on as many as 10 work orders per day. Also need interfact to Payroll with same data. Interfact to MAS200 software for payroll and work order. - CFO Manufacturing - Fort Lupton CO
  • We are a school bus tranportation department. Drivers clock in when they start in the AM and clock out when finished in the AM. Some return for mid-day runs again clocking in and out. Drivers return for PM routes again clocking in and out. - General Manager Transportation/Shipping - Beacon NY
  • I need a time clock or a swipe system - to track emplyees in diffrent divisons of my firm - plus give me the total at the end of each week and it would help if it could handle two locations but retriving all info from just one - good luck :) - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Edgewater MD
  • Basically...need to keep time records for 6 month sessions per person. Between 1-12 people. Would like to have a weekly, monthly, and total time records for each person. Our needs are not propriatary, we are sure the program already exists. - Consultant Other Retail - Thiells NY
  • I need something that will automatically calculate the time for each employee and also track, vacation, personal, sick, and holiday pay.I need for it to be able to intergrate with ADP.Please let me know if you need additional information. - Administrative Assistant Real Estate - Atlanta GA
  • We will need to track how many hours per day each employee has spent doing different tasks, at different job sites. We would like to be able to tie this system in with an Excel program that keeps track of budgeting for multiple projects. - General Manager Real Estate - Bend OR
  • We would like employees to be able to check is they clocked in or not. Problew w/our current system is if they forget, there is no way to check their punches for the day w/o having the payroll person go into the system from her computer - Accountant/Controller Health Care - Wappingers Falls NY
  • We have an existing pc based system with software developed in-house. We have barcodes on all employee badges and a reader near the entrance, we would like to continue to use this reader and existing barcodes with a new pc based system. - MIS/Operations - VP Entertainment/Media - Bismarck ND
  • This system need to be able to operate in all types of weather conditions since it will be used outside. It will have to be able to sort by different contractors since we have at least 10 differnt contractors on site at any given period - Manufacturing - Other Manufacturing - Albany GA
  • Currently, we have 10 part-time hourly and 2 salaried employees. Workplaces do not have internet access - employees will be logging their hours from home.Actual employees may change over time, total number should be relatively constant - Other Non-Profit - Seattle WA
  • Time punch system needs to interface with network, in which security and HR will be users. Also will need an ID badge system (if not integrated with timeclock system). Credit card PVC badges with picture, logo input, layout choices. - Accountant/Controller Non-Profit Organization - Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Looking for an immediate solution for time tracking of 15 employees. This number will gradually increase. Features that may be desirable are Biometric reader and ability to export to Quickbooks. We use the QB assisted payroll service. - Administrative Assistant Banking/Finance - Falmouth KY
  • i need a time clock that will add up the hours automatically. it is taking 4-5 hours just adding up the hours of 17 employees twice a month. i am looking for a machine that will do that simple task but dont want to spend a fortune. - CEO/President/Owner Other Retail - Thousand Oaks CA
  • We need to track tardies, leave earlies, sick days, vacation, FMLA, etc. We have to input manually into our payroll system so wouldn't need to import there but would like to import all other information into Excel or a like program. - MIS/Operations - Other Manufacturing - Bentonville AR
  • Ideally need a setup where we are able to access and control the software from a location different from where the employees actually clock-in ( that is, the administrative office is at a different location from the daily worksite.) - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Memphis TN
  • I'm looking for a system for a client that owns a saloon at the Sturgis Bike Rally that is compatible with QuickBooks and has controls in place that will not allow an employee to check in if they did not check out the previous day. - Accountant/Controller Accounting - Rapid City SD
  • We are a Motorcross track looking for a battery operated time clock that can run on AC power during the day. This clock would need to be fuctional for the night crew but would not have AC power. Possible need a battery back up. - MIS/Operations - MGR Hospitality/Leisure - Lake Elsinore CA
  • Two offices, both with network/internet connectivity. PC's run Windows XP Pro and the LAN is Small Business Server 2003 based. We use Terminal Services to run server based apps in the remote office.Use QuickBooks Pro for payroll. - Partner/Principal Retail - Vienna WV
  • "1. Accessible via the external website. 2. Password protected. 3. All files accessible only to management.4. Exportable from our files to something that can be delivered to customer as back-up5. Able to integrate with quickbooks" - Webmaster Computers/Internet/IT - New York NY
  • We have twelve locations that we need to service with about 250 employees. We also have a large turn over in employees. We would prefer having a pin number system for sign in and sign out, instead of using a time card or badges. - Administrative Assistant Non-Profit Organization - Jacksonville FL
  • 1-attach documents& files to employee records2-automatic accrual of vacation and sicktime3-calculater hours work4-compatible with popular payroll programs5-backup/restore/archive capabilities6-company employee directory 7- - MIS/Operations - MGR Manufacturing - Owosso MI
  • Along with a Time Attendance system we would like the badges worn by employees to be ones that we track location of in the facility.Once the employee swipes their badge we would like to know where they are in the facility. - MIS/Operations - MGR Health Care - Seattle WA
  • We are a small Private School. Our need is to have a time system that will ring a bell to mark the end of class and the end of breaks. There are 7 class periods that are 45 minutes each with 10 minute breaks in between. - CEO/President/Owner Education - Seffner FL
  • we would like to track all hourly employees and have salaried employees only swipe the exceptions i.e. vacation sick, etc. We would also like to have a system that is supported longer than the current TimeCentre system, - Human Resources - VP Manufacturing - Indianapolis IN
  • If possible, I want the price of the most basic inexpensive time clock that can run on battery power with time card rack, however, I would like an option to track jobs since employees may got to multible jobs in one day. - Partner/Principal Other Business Services - Centralia WA
  • I am currently doing time cards manually. This is a house cleaning business so we provide service to various clients. My employees are paid from start to finish at each home. I would monitor their time from the office. - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Westfir OR
  • Am looking for a card swipe system that is not hooked to a computer. I have a construction business and would like to hang it in the shop and then either download to a disk or print a report to send to payroll company. - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Spirit Lake IA
  • this is a farming operation. we use red wing for payroll. employees range depending on season. We may get broad band and use wireless networking to tie the shop where time clock is and office where bookkeeping is done. - Buyer Other Business Services - Crookston MN
  • New to this kind of time keeping, we are open to any suggesstions. We do not want our time clock to have time cards. We perfer swipe badge or something of that sort. We are in a industry that has a high turn over rate. - Human Resources - MGR Other Business Services - Lewisville TX
  • Cheap is Good! My team is trying to track how much time is spent in our school's shop while the students are building their car. Just something to print on a card that is slid into the machine, or something like that. - Manufacturing - Other Other Business Services - Rapid City SD
  • We are interest in ONLY the time clock portion as we already have an employee timesheet system in place.We're looking for a time clock that can generate a text file to load into our employee-entered timesheet program. - MIS/Operations - MGR Health Care - Duluth MN
  • We need a program that will monitor the daily arrival, any time an employee leave and returns during the day, and a daily departure tracking system. We wish to use a small scanner in the main office for this process. - Educator Education - Hempstead NY
  • Would prefer a proven PC based system with possibly two(2) biometric input stations. We have two locations 150 miles apart. The second location is very small and we don't necessarily need time and attendance there. - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Warner Robins GA
  • We are looking to integrate a volunteer and paid time tracking system for our organization. We have presently 90 members and have quite a bit of turnover. We would like to breakup the personnel into 10 or o groups. - CEO/President/Owner Non-Profit Organization - Flemington NJ
  • we need one that will do rounding and dock pay for late arrivals good solid reporting with simple user inter face something that disables the pc unless in admin mode so only time clock is available for regular users. - Buyer Legal - Kansas City MO
  • Most important is price - would love to have the hours calculated in "payroll" time (ie: 7.50 instead of 7 hrs, 30 minutes. possible reports, departmental separation. probably need to talk to some one about options. - Accountant/Controller Other Business Services - Land O Lakes FL
  • Have small dental practice 5 hourly employeesLooking for time tracking system, possiblyintegrate witholding info per employee and paycheck info. Use Quiken Payroll now with no clock-- just manually track hours.. etc. - Dentist/Physician Health Care - Pontotoc MS
  • we would like to track time by job. it is likely that an employee may work on more than one job a day. is there any system that would allow multiple job time tracking without running to the time clock each new job? - Partner/Principal Manufacturing - Stamford CT
  • We have four buildings located on the same property with a time clock in each building. We are looking at a way to sync each of the time clocks and also sync bell system for three shifts (breaks, start/stop time). - MIS/Operations - MGR Manufacturing - lake Wales FL
  • We need the clock to have an Ethernet connection for data polling and that does not requires a PC computer in order to work. We don't want to use a clock that requires any serial or usb connection to the computer. - CEO/President/Owner Consulting - Bronx NY
  • We are presently using a PC based system that is not working for our needs. Punches are not recording properly/or at all in some instances. Therefore -- too much time being spent to correct entires by management - Human Resources - MGR Government - Tallahassee FL
  • we wish to track time usage by cost category to charge employee time to proper funding source. No time clocks, just time sheets needed with drop downs for cost categories and job duties. customizable menus needed. - MIS/Operations - MGR Non-Profit Organization - Bartow FL
  • Would like to have a GPS system also with time keeping capabilities and location. Also would like to have a device that foreman could carry to the job that all employees on the job could use to clock in and out. - Accountant/Controller Energy/Utilities - Ashland KY
  • We would like for a time clock to be able to hook up to a buzzer for breaks, lunches, shift over.....etc. and we want it to be able to be set for 10th of an hour and to calculate the total hours of each person. - Receptionist Manufacturing - South Bend IN
  • We need to be able to track our employee's time on the job and be able to differentiate between time performed as a Party Attendant and time performed as a Party Coordinator. They are paid at 2 different rates. - Partner/Principal Other Business Services - Cumming GA
  • We have a server with 7 computers linked to it. We want for each employee to be able to clock in or out from their own computers, and for our human resource manager to be the only person able to view and edit. - Partner/Principal Other Wholesale - Newtown PA
  • We are looking for a time card/photo id system to integrate with the existing County Photo ID system.I would like to be able to use a bar code time clock with the future possiblity of going to a proximity code. - Administrative Assistant Non-Profit Organization - Chalfont PA
  • identify % time -- not hours.flexibility to set up customized captions for reason for absence and also set limits on dates - then keep record of absences exceeding limits. ex. negative vs. positive variance. - Human Resources - Other Government - Toronto AK
  • I am looking to own/direct a childcare center and I would like for each child to have his/her personal ID to log in and out daily to keep track of their arrival and departure times. Thank you for your time. - CEO/President/Owner Other Business Services - Douglasville GA
  • We use manual time sheets now. To save time, we'd like our employees to be able to "punch a time clock". We have numerous shifts/pay diffs/oncall/call back categories. We would need 3 or 4 punch in stations. - Partner/Principal Health Care - Vinton IA
  • We are looking for a time keeping system that would allow employees to log in and out on individual terminals and worksites and track all information that could then be downloaded by bookkeeper for payroll. - Accountant/Controller Health Care - Richland WA